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Professional Classes

Classes are structured to give students the best opportunities to excel in Bollywood Dance style. Each class consists of a warm up and cool down session sandwiching the main thrust of the training. These classes are a great way to keep fit, socialise and relieve the stresses of the week through the artistic form of dance. With professional CRB certified teachers and choreographers running the classes, you will be sure to find yourself in good hands.

Excellent Coaching

To make her Indian Dance Lessons the best in the business for her pupils (and her audiences) Jyoti spends time in coaching her teachers, ensuring that they are prepared and able to teach under all circumstances.

Bhangra, Bollywood, Classical, Cultural and Western – Jyoti says “we place great emphasis on choreography, all the teachers are trained and all the classes are monitored by me”. Jyoti takes active interest in the learning and development of her students and teachers alike, encouraging them to build their social skills, confidence and communication. She says dance has no religion, no division. Dance is what brings people together and can bring peace around the world. Dance is a sign language without confrontation.

All Indian Dance Lessons – as well as other coaching – receives as much attention from Jyoti as her performance preparation. The teachers train to pass on their confidence, enabling them to believe in themselves, and manage the expectations of their students. All receive intensive training before they can present their technique. Indian Dance Lessons – part of a cultural past successfully carried into future by Jyoti & her Angel Dancers.

What Do We Gain From Dancing?

Dancing is a powerful outlet of expression, but also a way of building creativity within us. Since pre-history, dance, song and ceremonies have played an essential role in restoring and celebrating life. Dance is the movement of the body, a repetition of movements which connects the mind with the body and creates a fulfilling being. Anybody can dance and we at Angel Dancers are proud to be able to have classes for those who have not yet have the pleasure of experiencing the beauty of dance. Society connects ancient and modern knowledge, and supports you to experience the transformative power of your body with creativity in motion. This is powerful remedy that nurtures and supports your normal comfort and leads to happiness by being alert feeling alive and confident.

How Does Dancing Become A Part Of Life?

Dancing becomes a part of life by arousing the senses within us and by connecting your mind with your body. You will come into contact with the unique essence of who you are and into exciting knowledge of yourself. Through this process, you will transform your relationship with the past, become more aware of the challenges and focus in the present. This process will encourage you to shape an excellent future for yourself, celebrating life, your family and friends.

Kids Classes

Angel Dancers provides sessions for children both boys and girls from age 4 and above. Classes are held in East London (Ilford ) and North London (Kenton/ Harrow).

Childrens Bollywood Lesson London


By spending time in a dance atmosphere you are surrounded by people who want to feel good about themselves, and who want to know what their body can do. Dancing or body movements helps to improve concentration, improve your immune system, creates feeling of freshness and well being, as well as keeping your skin vibrant

  • You are not being judged
  • Free to learn at your own pace
  • Make new friends
  • Encouraged to take part in group activities
  • Feel good factor
  • Increased respect for other cultures
  • Makes you less aggressive
  • Helps you embrace life and makes you more aware and self confident
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